View Full Version : Join My Updated Affiliate Program (Health/Weight Loss)

01-19-2005, 06:25 AM
I sell a diet/fitness software program called Fitness Assistant on my http://www.x3msoftare.com site. It costs $49.95 and I pay out 40% comission on all refered sales($20). Now, I've made a script which allows webmasters to place "plain links" to my site and still get the comission. My script checks who's the http referrer, and places a cookie and saves the IP in a database. Later when the customer decides to buy, my script adds the affiliate ID to the checkout page.

Thus way I get plain links from my affiliates (good for SEO). My affiliates place links which do not reveal they receive a comission ;) The script tracks cookies/IPs for 1 full year.

Those of you who do health/fitness sites can try to see how's my conversion rate ;) Payments are done by share-it, and include wire transfers and checks.

For those of you who run affiliate programs, you may try using a script that allows plain URLs instead of the long affiliated ones ;)

More details: http://www.x3msoftware.com and http://www.x3msoftware.com/affiliate-program.htm