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09-21-2003, 03:50 AM
Chris, this is a quick on for you.

bodybuilding supplements or nutritional supplements?

I don't really like wordtracker.com, do you use the overture tool? It seems to suggest nutritional supplements is a slightly higher word.

13316, compared with 10477

What do you think of this and also the competition on both words?

09-21-2003, 06:51 AM
overture isn't accurate for Google because overture stems and Google does not.

But anyways Wordtracker puts nutritional above bodybuilding as well.

For bodybuilding supplements the #1 is only a PR4 but it is heavily optimized.

For nutritional supplements the #1 is a PR 5 but is somewhat optimized.

I recommend you going for "nutritional supplements."

However... do you have some products that are ONLY good for bodybuilding? If so make a STATIC page on your site that lists these products, along with some nice keyword rich text, and link to this page using the word "bodybuilding supplements" from every page on the site (in the menu or in the footer).

That way you will focus on "nutritional supplements" with your homepage and on "bodybuilding supplements" with your subpage.

Here are the most popular "supplement" searches:

supplements 1263 1111
nutritional supplements 702 618
bodybuilding supplements 671 590
herbal supplements 475 418
t. j. clark health supplements 463 407
vitamin supplements 447 393
dietary supplements 412 362
t. j. clark mineral supplements 360 317
t. j. clark liquid supplements 359 316
t. j. clark herbal supplements 357 314
t. j. clark vitamin supplements 353 311
protein supplements 316 278
calcium supplements 244 215
weight loss supplements 244 215
discount supplements 242 213

09-21-2003, 09:13 AM
No I do not have anythign that is bodybuilding specific. I think you are right, in fact nutritional is probably more relevant. I will use that :)

Thanks for your advice!