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11-22-2004, 04:21 PM
LeadClick Media has leading cash advance, car quote and car loan offers. Our payouts are higher than the competition and our forms convert much better than the average which translates into more money per impression/click. We focus on a select few offers and typically turn them into some of the hottest offers on the internet. Rather than a "buffet of offers" approach that large affiliate networks have, LeadClick's offers are like fine dining, less choices but you know what you get will be great. Leadclick has been around since around 1998 and they always pay their affiliates on time.

Some highlights of LeadClick Media's programs include:

1. High conversion rates- All of their offers are optimized for conversions and have short, one page forms.

2. High CPA Rates- Their payouts are almost always higher than the competition.

3. Fast Payout Schedule -- Affiliates are paid out on a Net 14 basis.

4. Customizable landing pages & websites - They will even make their high volume affiliates their own private label landing pages.

5. High eCPM - Their goal is to make sure the publisher makes the most possible money from their inventory.

07-05-2005, 07:01 PM
Avoid LeadClick. I've had a contract with them for 9 months. I received one check for a whopping 5 per cent of the amount they owe. They'll talk to you to get you signed up, but ignore you when they owe you money. They currently owe me close to $2,000 for leads that I provided....and they made money on, but refuse to pay for.

If you're with LeadClick already, good luck getting paid. If you're thinking about using them DON'T.