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10-21-2004, 09:15 PM
GMP Instant Associate Store Pre-Release Version Is Ready!

We is offering a pre-release version of our Instant Associate Store - AWS 4 / ECS 4 for only $60.00. If you would be willing to help us find any issues with the application you will be able to purchase our product and provide feedback on the application. In addition those that do purchase the pre-release version will receive the final Developer edition (with source code) and two website/domain licenses (normally would cost $129.00). See features list on www.gmpias.com (http://www.gmpias.com) for details on features, some features are not in the pre-release version, but you will receive updates through the final phase of the application testing.

-SQL Server 2000 or higher
- .net enabled website & running asp.net 1.1
- Amazon AWS 4 Subscription ID
- Amazon Associates Account

More details on the GMP Instant Associate Store at www.gmpias.com (http://www.gmpias.com)

We have been running the code for several weeks on www.buythistoday.com, www.zonedeals.com, www.iamjewelry.com, www.cardandcamera.com , www.toolsandaccessories.com as well as others.

Allen Harkleroad
GMP Services, inc.
www.gmpias.com (http://www.gmpias.com)

www.gmpservices.com (http://www.gmpservices.com)

10-20-2014, 04:43 PM
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