View Full Version : im selling links/ad space

10-17-2004, 08:47 AM
is anyone looking to buy adspace in the form of buttons, small banner or links?

im only selling 4 links
no more than 5 places on the banner
and 2 buttons

The links will be site wide and will be on a forum

the website is a music site which should be active and should have a good strong clubbing community, the site will be mainly getting hits from the UK although it should aslo be getting hits from europe and the US

The site isnt live yet, im just finishing the content (should be done within the next few days), the website isnt online but to see the layout you can visit www.sinergy-media.com/hardhouse/index.php some of the pages work such as history, types and contact but the rest i wont upload until the site goes live

Please make offers by posting here or sending a PM, the buttons will go underneath where it says login on the right and the banner will go where the adsense banner is, although i may move this to being above some of the content if the page has a lot of content on it (if the advertiser wishes it to be)

Look forward to hearing from you,