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10-14-2004, 08:49 AM
Do you want to start your own hosting company or you are a designer/developer and need your clients' sites get hosted or you have multiple sites of your own, Reseller Hosting (http://www.realvaluehosting.com/reseller_hosting/index.php#reseller_hosting) is the way to go. You can divide your resources among multiple Domains and host them. You will have complete control over your Resold accounts. We will remain completely anonymous to your clients.

Get the Best Value Windows Reseller Hosting Plan:

+ Host upto 50 Domains
+ 2 GB Space
+ 20 GB Monthly bandwidth
+ Free Setup
+ $24.99/month Only (Limited Time Offer. Those who will order now will have these prices freezed for life.)

Get 2 Months + 1 .com/.net/.org domain FREE if you pay Annually. Just mention the Forum name in the Order Comment Box.

Order now (http://www.realvaluehosting.com/special_offer/)

+ Servers: Intel Dual Xeon 2.8 GHz (http://www.intel.com/products/server/processors/server/xeon/), 2 GB RAM, RAID System with Clustering
+ Windows 2003 Standard Server
+ HELM Control Panel (http://helm.webhostautomation.com/helm/features.asp) for you and your clients. HELM Reseller Demo (http://helmdemo.webhostautomation.com/default.asp?txtUsername=DEMORESELLER&txtPassword=password&selInterface=standard_XP) | HELM End User Demo (http://helmdemo.webhostautomation.com/default.asp?txtUsername=DEMOUSER&txtPassword=password&selInterface=standard_XP)
+ Unlimited Sub domains
+ No Setup fee
+ No Hidden charges
+ Free Anonymous Name Servers
+ Free Private Name Servers
+ Private Label Hosting (http://www.realvaluehosting.com/support_center/index.php?category_name=general_questions#55)
+ DNS Service
+ Mail Service
+ FTP Service
+ Mailing List Service
+ Daily Backup
+ 99.9% Uptime
+ 30 Days Conditional Money Back Guarantee (http://www.realvaluehosting.com/terms.php)
+ 24/7 Customer Support (http://www.realvaluehosting.com/support_center/)

Control Panel Features (http://helm.webhostautomation.com/helm/features.asp)
+ Integrated Messaging system
+ Auto sign-up system
+ Integrated Billing system
+ Built in Support for all major gateways like Authorize.net, 2Checkout, Paysystems, Bank transfer etc..
+ Integrated support for Domain Registration

Development Features
+ Active Server Pages (ASP)
+ FrontPage Server Extensions
+ FrontPage Server Extensions 2002
+ ActiveState Perl
+ Indexing Service
+ Parents Path Enables
+ Custom Error Pages
+ File Manager
+ MIME Type Editor
+ Internet Data Connector
+ Server Side Includes
+ WebDAV
+ MS DNS Server
+ MS FTP Server

Database Features
+ PHPMyadmin
+ Microsoft Access
+ MS SQL 2000 (Have to order separately)

Email Features
+ Unlimited POP3 Accounts
+ Unlimited SMTP
+ MailEnable Pro. Mail Server (http://www.mailenable.com)
+ MailEnable Pro Webmail - Webmail Demo (http://www.mailenablecorp.com/MEWebMail/base/default/lang/EN/login.asp?LanguageID=EN&UserID=MEDemo@Demonstration&Password=demo&Method=Auto&skin=default)
+ Unlimited Forwarders
+ Unlimited Autoresponders
+ Unlimited Aliases
+ Mailing List
+ Catchall Email

+ Raw Stats
+ AWStats (http://www.awstats.org)

ASP Components
+ ASPSmartUpload (http://www.aspsmart.com)
+ ASPEmail (http://www.aspemail.com)
+ Dundas ASPMAil (http://www.dundas.com)
+ Dundas ASPUpload (http://www.dundas.com)
+ W3Jmail (http://www.dimac.net)
+ W3SiteTree (http://www.dimac.net)
+ Imagesize (http://www.serverobjects.com) - Free Component
+ Lastmod (http://www.weberie.com)
+ AspCrypt (http://www.weberie.com)
+ GUIDMaker (http://www.weberie.com)
+ W3ServerInfo
+ MS Office XP Web Components
(More will be added regularly)

Feedback from Some of the clients

** What is Reseller Hosting? How your Reseller Hosting works? (http://www.realvaluehosting.com/reseller_hosting/index.php#reseller_hosting)
** More FAQs... (http://www.realvaluehosting.com/support_center/)

We offer $1 Cheap, Low Cost, Free Setup, Reliable, Private Label Multi/Unlimited Domains Windows Reseller Hosting & Linux Reseller Hosting, Windows Shared Hosting & Linux Shared Hosting structured for individuals and small to medium sized business with 24x7 customer service. Fully Loaded with features like Latest PHP, MySQL, Perl, Fantastico (>45 Scripts), Urchin, cPanel, WHM for Linux Hosting and HELM, ASP.NET, ASP, PHP, Perl, MySQL, ODBC, AWStats, Popular ASP Components for Windows Hosting.

Please visit us at http://www.realvaluehosting.com or mail at sales at realvaluehosting.com for any queries.


11-13-2004, 06:46 AM
For a limited time, we have increased the domains limit from 50 to 100 domains. Now Overselling is also allowed on this plan.

So hurry, offer is valid till 30th November, 2004 only. Grab this once in a life time opportunity.

11-13-2004, 04:14 PM
Looks reasonable, but I could really only stand using a Linux server.

11-13-2004, 07:43 PM
not enough bandwidth for $24. Does have impressive features though.

11-13-2004, 07:58 PM
Looks reasonable, but I could really only stand using a Linux server.

Thanks intelliot :)
Yes, choosing a plateform, Linux or Windows, it really depends on your personal preference.

11-13-2004, 08:06 PM
not enough bandwidth for $24. Does have impressive features though.

Thanks thepoorman :)
Please note that we are allowing space/bandwidth overselling. That means we can space/bandwidth on actually usage basis. So, you can create more than 4 hosting plan with 5 GB bandwidth allocated. Hope you already know this ;)