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09-12-2004, 12:05 PM

Selling an e-book and a piece of sight reading software.

I'm going to see if I can make money promoting it on adwords.

I'm in a 50/50 profit split with the author of the book and software.

Blue Cat Buxton
09-12-2004, 12:13 PM
looks like a potential profit maker - speeds reading courses can command a good premium-however you need to check the text - several typos / bad grammar that might put 'slow' readers off.

09-12-2004, 12:36 PM
Could you please point them out? Most of it wasn't written by me.

Blue Cat Buxton
09-12-2004, 12:47 PM
Para 2 a not are
Para 4 tend to wander
Last para 1st sentence just stops
These immediately jumped out at me

Hope that helps

09-12-2004, 01:02 PM
Corrected them. Thank you :)

09-12-2004, 01:15 PM
Nice design, not sure on how the program works though.

09-12-2004, 04:59 PM
Actually, I'm not sure about the design. I have perfect eyesite (as far as I am aware) but found my eyes were straining as I got towards the bottom of the page. You really need a bigger text size in my opinion. Is the site aimed at parents? Older people have worse eye site.

The tahoma font seems cramped. It's a microsoft font and therefore I'm not even sure if mac users will have it? Maybe specify alternatives ... verdana, arial etc.

You could also try increasing the line spacing... line-height:1.5em; or something. Along with a bigger font size, that should space it out nicely and have it looking much better.

I really think you should be using something other than paypal. I think you'll lose a lot of sales using paypal compared to 2checkout for example. 20 or whatever the setup fee is isn't a lot to lose, even if it doesn't work out.