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08-03-2004, 09:36 AM
Searchfeed is one of the major minor search engines, getting most of its 'searches' from it's affiliate program that offers both search and a system of putting ads on your site. See the Searchfeed review by Chris Beasley for more information about the affiliate programs.

The minimum bid is $0.01, which is what originally made my join, however I have found myself bidding over 50 times this on some keywords. Their traffic does not generate as many leads-per-thousand-clicks as I have found adwords and overture generate, however with CPCs being far lower, your profit margin advertising on searchfeed can be far higher than on the big two.

Setting up an account is not the easiest thing, with phone confirmation required and support staff who both Mike and I found hard to understand. Support has not been needed so far, as the account is so easy to use.

I personally prefer searchfeeds interface to both Overture and AdWords as you can find the page you want with just one click from the homepage, however I dislike their choice to only list three campaigns on each page.

They offer payment from just $25 to several thousand, I now pay $500 at a time when my account balance runs low.

Todd W
05-18-2005, 05:00 PM
I have used SearchFeed's PPC program and suggest it to anyone interested in doing PPC advertising. I have used Google AdWords, and SearchFeed not only performs but they provide live human help. While I didn't receive as many visitors from SearchFeed as I did from AdWords the visitors I did receive WERE targetted. SearchFeed is a great addition to any text link advertising campaign, and I highly suggest it.