View Full Version : vBulletin hosting service in Europe?

12-20-2016, 02:24 AM
I would like to find the most reliable place for vBulletin hosting service.

Is VPS hosting ok for this?
Have seen that dcxv.com supports these features within their hosting plans.
Do you think that they can be a good option for me?

What alternative can you recommend me for comparison?

12-22-2016, 07:58 AM
Hosting.co.uk provides quality and resourceful plans in Europe on sweet terms.
They also offer the full range of Operating Systems to meet the clients requirements: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Fedora, Gentoo and OpenSUSE.
Prices are low and support is active for 24 hours.
XMASREBATE50 is their coupon code.

12-26-2016, 03:59 AM
I've found their support to be good. They respond quickly, know how to fix problems, spend an appropriate amount of time investigating and responding to issues.
Very kind, easy to work with, and exceptional service and value. I would recommend dcxv.com to anyone looking for a good, steady host.

12-29-2016, 02:45 AM
I'd like to say that Dcxv.com is a very reliable web hosting provider which cares about customers.
The scripts that I had selected for installation, prior to their H-sphere migration, were just right for me.
Support is great.

01-10-2017, 01:04 AM
Speed of this VPS is remarkable, especially when considering the base price - which is about as low as a VPS gets.
dcxv.com (http://www.dcxv.com/) is really good host I must say. I've had support tickets answered promptly at all hours of the night.

Their dedicated server hosting as well as shared hosting services are based on quality!

01-13-2017, 02:58 AM
Support is good & fast. Support is super fast and they solve the problems you ask them to. Dcxv.com hosting is very quick.
Check out their hosting deals: https://dcxv.com/en/posts/cheap_hosting_plans.html
Their control panel is 100% custom and it is amazing. The value for the money can't be beat.

01-24-2017, 03:43 AM
Check out vps plans from Hostzealot.com (https://www.hostzealot.com/). Their servers come with one of the industry's most complete set of standard features and with skilled responsive support.

02-02-2017, 02:24 AM
To my mind Exmasters.com is great place hosting. These guys know how to keep everything working and provide constant and uninterrupted services perfectly suitable for streaming and responsive support.

02-09-2017, 03:00 AM
I know Exmasters.com is the best option to get hosting solutions. Their reliability is highest, support is skilled and prices are affordable.

02-21-2017, 02:40 AM
I can say Exmasters.com (http://www.exmasters.com/) that is the company I'd have a deal with due to their top-notch services which are resourceful enough to run websites smoothly and reliably.

03-20-2017, 12:06 PM
Most reliable web hosting for vbullentin can be hostsurfuk.com ,they have secure and safe web hosting servers at very good price.