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07-19-2004, 04:43 PM
I've always made sites with a static width and just centered the design, but I want to try to make some sites that span the whole width of the screen now. I know I need to use percentages for the width of my tables, but I'm having trouble getting designs with some fixed width and pecentage based columns to work.

I want to have a fixed width left column, then an expanding center column, and another fixed width column on the right.

How do I go about something like this?

07-19-2004, 04:58 PM
Just set the table to 100%, and set your fixed widths for the 2 outside columns. The middle will expand accordingly.

<table width="100%">
<td width="100"></td>
<td width="100"></td>

07-20-2004, 01:10 PM
Thanks, that does the trick. Decided to go with a fixed width again anyway after playing around with it for a bit, but at least I know how to do it now.