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07-05-2016, 02:36 AM
Good day! Which server for streaming is better to have a deal with - Exmasters.com or hostzealot.com? Which host would you choose and why? Do you have any experience with them? Any other options?

07-05-2016, 06:18 AM
I can't say anything about the mentioned companies but I'd advise you to sign up with time-tested companies, I mean a2hosting.com and hostsailor.com.
All the components are perfectly matched, they harmonize with each other without any performance losses. These are ideal conditions for reliable server operations , optimal security and the highest availability.

07-08-2016, 04:33 AM
I suggest you not focusing your attention only on those 2 web hosts, I believe that pretty good servers for streaming you can get at Warez-host.com (http://www.Warez-host.com/)
Your sites and projects will be in good hands if you choose them. Contact their 24/7 support, tell your requirements and they will find the best hosting fit according to your needs. good luck!

07-12-2016, 02:52 AM
I can say Exmasters.com (http://www.exmasters.com/) is providing best server hosting solutions. They are reputable host with high available support, featured plans and solid server solutions, just give them a try.

07-18-2016, 03:25 AM
I have never heard about the host you are asking about. As a good professional hosting provider I can highly suggest webis.pt solutions.
They offer stable shared, reseller and dedicated hosting solutions - pricing is competitive. You can use webis50 coupon and get 50% discount!

07-20-2016, 10:12 AM
Hi @TonyJack, wehre do you need to host your streaming server? Where is you targeted market? When it comes to online streaming, the latency is very important.

07-21-2016, 03:36 AM
I can say Exmasters.com are perfectly suitable for any webmasters demand. Plans are full of useful resources and uptime is high. Prices are competitive. Support is online any time you contact them.

08-01-2016, 05:42 AM
Maybe Superbithost.com?

Having done a search I was impressed by the positive customer hosting reviews about their hosting services. So, I contacted their sales rep, he offered by nice shared hosting account - setup was very fast, in 5 minutes my web site was up and running. Server locations: China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bahamas, Iceland, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Bulgaria, Mexico, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia.

08-02-2016, 06:50 AM
Why don't you use servers from a2hosting.com and veeble.org?
With their dedicated solutions, you are powered with freedom: a box of your own.* Setting up domains, installing modules, your dedicated server can be 100% customized to suit your needs.* Powered by CPanel, all domains created are equipped with full features of the linux hosting plans.

09-16-2016, 01:04 AM
I haven't heard about datacenters mentioned by you. But I have heard of Rackbank datacenter ,why dont you try it

09-20-2016, 05:09 AM
Pretty good well-balanced servers offered by warez-host.com (http://www.warez-host.com/) team. Their server located are Russia, Luxembourg, Sweden and Netherlands.
Speed and uptime proved by this web host are perfect. It manages such a high quality hosting.
Its great to see such group of motivated and efficient people.