View Full Version : Looking for hosting for my huge traffic web site

06-28-2016, 04:09 AM
I have a web site that has really huge traffic every day, but my current host started to get on my nerves because of the outages.
One of my friends told me that Kvchosting.com was quite good. Is their vps hosting service reliable?
Any info on stratus4.com and their vps hosting service?
What can you say about them? How is their customer support? What do you think about their pricing?

07-04-2016, 06:03 AM
I've enjoyed kvchosting.com ssd hosting service and their unrivaled transparency. When things go wrong, they explain what's happening and what they're doing to fix it and prevent it in future. They even have a little box that lets you select how experienced a user you are so that they may tailor the response to your needs!

07-06-2016, 07:51 AM
Services from iFastNet.com and Qhoster.com are worth every cent you pay for their services.
They provide their services with all necessary resources to feel fine in the IT world.
They have amazing support which is online around the clock.

07-07-2016, 04:02 AM
Now I'm with stratus4.com which provides me the best connection speed and has the fastest support response I have ever used.
I suppose that is one of the best web hosting providers in the world and I do recommend that for everyone who cares about good and quality managed cloud hosting (https://www.stratus4.com/hosting-services/managed-cloud/)!

07-18-2016, 06:36 AM
I'd like to say that Dailyrazor.com would be perfect option to get hosting solutions. They have affordable deals, skilled support and featured stable plans.

07-20-2016, 10:08 AM
@MorStone I would suggest you to consider any optimization on your installation. This would include a faster HTTP (web) server. As far as for the web hosts, it is not a a bad idea to get a SSD based storage. What is your VPS specification in terms of CPU, RAM and storage?

07-21-2016, 04:49 AM
You can try hostwinds.com hosting solutions as an alternative. With their plans you will get all needed features for any webmaster, high available team and stable network.

07-25-2016, 05:20 AM
Can recommend kvchosting.com ssd hosting for running Drupal sites. These guys are professionals and their service is based on quality - this can be seen in their good network uptime, fast speed connectivity to my website around the whole globe, 24/7 customer support service that is helpful and polite. They helped with backups and some new scripts installations.

07-28-2016, 05:46 AM
I think you need to compare offers and choose the best one. I know Kvchosting.com (http://kvchosting.com/) SSD VPS deals are trustworthy. Their service is reputable and reliable, support is highly available and prices are moderate.

08-09-2016, 04:09 AM
In my opinion Hostwinds.com is perfect option for everyone who wants quality hosting service. There are a lot of useful resources in their plans which are able to satisfy the demands of many users, you will receive performance optimized featured plans for reasonable pricing.

08-17-2016, 05:35 AM
Stratus4.com is well-known and good web host (http://www.stratus4.com/). They will pass on the savings to you, use their 15% OFF CODE: S415OFF
The uptime is very good and I haven't faced any problems yet. Easy to work with the base Webmin system; no weird gotchas.

09-02-2016, 01:29 AM
If your site is having a huge amount of traffic then instead of going for VPS ,go for a dedicated server. Rackbank data center is running a lucrative offer on dedicated server for just Rs 4990 per month for a year whose original price is Rs 9000. Follow the for best dedicated server offer.follow the link to know more about offer https://www.rackbank.com/Dedicated-Servers-Sale.php

William James
10-30-2016, 11:13 PM
Now I'm using Liquid Web (http://gigacoupon.com/) servers because they have 3 or 4 big data centers located in the USA. They have full time 400 high-quality staff and If your site reaches the certain hosting limits they easily upgard your site to next level. Therefore you don't need to worry about this.