View Full Version : Looking for high uptime VPS host

12-02-2015, 06:00 AM
I am looking for a good Linux VPS hosting plan.
Here are my specs
Disk Space: 50GB
Bandwidth: unlimited
RAM: 512MB
IP Addresses: 2
No idea about budget, this is my requirement just shoot me quote?
Have also found Kvchosting.com, but still not sure if I can rely on them..
Is it trustworthy hosting provider?

12-03-2015, 04:20 AM
I think you should look for customer reviews on them. According to my experience Kvchosting.com (http://kvchosting.com/) is the best option to get ssd vps hosting solutions. Reliability is highest, support is helpful and prices are reasonable.

12-08-2015, 02:15 AM
Kvchosting.com is everything a host should be - it's there, it works, it's supported, and is extremely professional.
In the beginning, I was wary of how about the use of online tech support, but I often receive a reply within 5-10 minutes, and never more than a day's response.

Using the code SSDVPS, you will get 50% off the price on their ssd vps hosting plans. Join their page in facebook: facebook.com/kvchosting

12-11-2015, 06:06 AM
Have you ever heard about Findmeavps.com free service?
It is really cool place for those who want to compare various VPS hosts and choose the best one for their specific needs. I like it and highly recommend to others.

12-16-2015, 04:45 AM
I suggest you to compare offers and choose the best one. To my mind JVMHost.com (http://www.jvmhost.com/) would provide you top-notch vps solutions. Their servers are stable and support is helpful.

12-17-2015, 05:34 AM
I have been with Kvchosting.com for over 6 months and i have never had a problem.
Their support personnel are knowledgeable and very quick to resolve any issues. Generally 100% uptime, good pricing and professional service.

12-21-2015, 04:52 AM
According to my knowledge with hosting from JVMHost.com everything works like a clock. They are delivering reasonable deals with high stability of network and skilled support team. Use coupon JAVA-VPS-20D and get 20% discount

12-24-2015, 02:20 AM
I can't believe it, I finally found a GREAT host! It is called Kvchosting.com! check their page in facebook: facebook.com/kvchosting
Their support is TOP, their support guy added me on Skype so he could help me better and answer my questions.

01-05-2016, 03:26 AM
If you are looking for best vps host my recommendation is to get it from VPSGet.com. You will receive high uptime, solid servers and helpful tech staff.