View Full Version : I recommend cloudstats.me for uptime tracking

06-11-2015, 06:45 AM
I am using monitoring service for my websites hosted in cloud - CloudStats.me.
First I liked was free account that I've used to try their services. It is offering all needed features like server uptime and ping monitoring, fast and easy server install and no need of port opening which is great for security reasons. I am receiving notifications via Skype instantly in case my websites are offline, it is best fit for me! Highly recommend!

06-17-2015, 03:28 AM
Indeed, CloudStats.me are great: cheap plans and stable services with helpful staff and really user-friendly interface make them one of the best monitoring service available on the web.

06-23-2015, 05:50 AM
If anyone is looking for reliable monitoring solutions CloudStats.me service is a perfect pick. Their team is skilled enough to provide you quality service and fast low-cost deals.

06-30-2015, 05:05 AM
According to my research CloudStats.me (http://cloudstats.me/) know their work very well and how to monitor your servers stability and keep you notified instantly with any issue my server has, you can trust them!