View Full Version : Link farm vs Directory

06-15-2004, 09:21 PM
Is there a difference between a link farm and a directory? Are they the same and directory is just a professional way to say link farm?

someone please clear this up.

Thank you!

06-15-2004, 09:55 PM
Link farms are used almost solely to manipulate search engines and gain link popularity for your site. It's just a network of sites that are heavily cross-linked in order to manipulate rankings and popularity. Link popularity is of high value, but obtaining it by appropriate means is a higher value.

Directories, while having the opportunity to boost link popularity, are mainly designed for organized, relevant content for the visitor. As well, links to you from other websites with relevant content to yours provides better link popularity.

It's about quality versus quantity really. Directories and relevant site links provide quality, link farms provide quantity. And search engines are always altering their algorithms to pick out the quality links from the less than quality ones.