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08-21-2014, 03:12 AM
Link Building to be perfect with

Press Release
Social Bookmarking
Widget Optimization
Email Marketing
Forum and Article Submission

08-21-2014, 08:52 PM
Here are some tips for link building:

1. Give websites a compelling reason to link to you - compelling and useful content often earns valuable links

2. It's OK to ask for links -- if you do it the right way - ask if the site might provide a mention of your site and provide the URL you want as the link

3. Be careful with anchor text links - You should also strive to have diversity in the anchor text used to link to your content, because an overreliance on one anchor text phrase can negatively impact your rankings for that phrase

4. Know your audience - Get a sense of what your audience tends to share over social media, such as blog posts, lists, infographics and videos

5. Do something newsworthy - "Never send out press releases just to get links," Scott said. "The goal of a release is to get coverage, which will then get you links."

6. Embed 'SEO intelligence' - Work closely with team members in other departments, and explain the company's SEO goals and how they're aligned with business goals. Explain what you're doing to improve the company's Google rankings and why

Source: http://www.cio.com/article/2377390/internet/link-building-strategies-and-tips-for-2014.html