View Full Version : Effective Site Design

08-11-2014, 02:54 AM
To a effective site should have

Use appropriate design
Focus the purpose of design element
Enhance appearance with color pallet
Use quality images

08-14-2014, 10:46 PM
One of the most vital roles of web design is the look and feel of the website and how will it change the mood of a viewer. Moreover, having a website that is creative or interactive is a big challenge for designers when they should be focusing on a great user experience and not good design alone.

Websites moving forward with a minimalistic web design approach means being simple as flat. Thus, there are things you must focus on when you use this kind of style.

- Using flat design will let you focus on the color, typography and words.
- Make sure that color schemes differentiates buttons and call-to-action graphics included in your website.
- Mix and match background and graphics with color blocking or retro colors are famous in this type of style.
- Typography used is simple when you utilize the effectiveness of sans serif typefaces.
- Easy-to-read contents and matches the theme of simplicity
- Focus on words that you use, be straightforward yet attention grabber