View Full Version : E-commerce Sales of The third Seasons in US Record highs

11-23-2013, 12:51 AM
The Commerce Department said on Friday, according to the latest data in the third quarter of e-commerce (http://www.ecwhen.com) sales hit a new record of $67 billion.

Seasonally adjusted, a number that a growth of 3.6% in the second quarter, up 17.5% from a year earlier.

E-commerce sales in this season, the proportion of the total sales of 5.9%.Market research firm IHS Global Insight expects, this proportion will rise to more than 7% in 2016.IHS economist Chris Christopher (Chris Christopher) said: "obviously, the electronic commerce is to catch up with the entity shop sales."

But Christopher do not look good holiday shopping season.He pointed out in a note to clients: "for holiday retail sales, the most recent loss of consumer confidence is not a good one million. 11 and 12 in discretionary spending, consumer confidence is a key driver."