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10-31-2013, 03:31 AM
As we all know, the Internet industry is a basic industry in national security and national economy and people's livelihood. Although, the development of bearing industry, the key depends on its own, with an unyielding, want to rely on scientific and technological progress to improve the quality of products ,to improve its strength, but as a basic industry, it also should be national policy to support and related industry support.

In recent years, China's internet industry has made rapid development, no matter in the quality, the scale, technology level, independent development ability and its economy has made great progress, but compared with foreign counterparts, enterprise scale is not big, strength is not strong, low product concentration, low product quality and development ability is quite obvious.
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According to statistics, the production of various types of bearings in the bearing industry in China, 2005, 6 billion, sales income 52 billion yuan, the total size of about $4.8 billion, less than a Swedish SKF of sales. Compared with Japan, the gap is bigger.

Although iron and steel industry in China in recent years obtained swift and violent development, the quality also has obtained great improvment, To form a complete set of bearing production and processing of iron and steel enterprise is not in the minority, but the quality of bearing steel from the overall is still not pass, in addition to Shanghai factory, dalian jinniu, a handful of companies such as jiangsu xingcheng quality of bearing steel can meet the quality requirements of the bearing production and processing, production of bearing steel by other companies, including ring, roller and sheet metal) quality is difficult to meet the requirements of bearing production.
And the steel industry scale of production is highly concentrated, enterprise quantity is little, really have the strength of Shanghai baosteel, wisco, angang, tangshan, jinan iron and steel, laiwu and other several large, oversize enterprise. And the larger scale, the quality of the iron and steel enterprise, because the products are guaranteed, in short supply, so don't worry about not sell products. So if you want to ensure the quality of products bearing manufacturing enterprise, must choose qualified steel quality, , also have no other choice.
Due to the lack of the basis of equality, fair cooperation of both sides, so it is difficult to talk about business cooperation each other on the fair, more difficult to talk about the good service. And the quality is not qualified product, even if low price, good service attitude and also can't use.