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08-08-2013, 08:13 PM
We said to build a website, it's harder to promoting a web site also has said it is very important to have a web site, but promote the site, the more important. Why have a website without traffic light, or why just put no harvest? In fact this is the role of promotion, a website if there is no promotion out, or no source of income, so can't say it is a successful website. Visible, the importance of website promotion. Well, have said more. Below into going to talk about today, how to design a standard website promotion plan.
A new web site was born, is always accompanied by many problems, such as, website done, what to do next, how to let more people to visit my website?
We say that you should write a website promotion plan.

A website promotion plan to roughly the following steps:

(1) determine the website promotion stage goal. For example, your user goals are those that groups, within 1 year after the release of realize what is the number of unique visitors every day, how relative ranking compared with competitors, in the performance of the major search engines, website links, the number of registered users, and so on.
(2) in the different stages of post operation of website promotion methods. Best details at various stages of website promotion methods, how many major search engines such as login web site, the network advertisement main form is to be used for promotion and media selection, roughly the cost of investment is needed, how to reasonable distribution, and so on.
(3) control of website promotion strategy and effect assessment. Promotion such as targets of control, the promotion effect evaluation index, etc. Control of the website promotion plan and evaluation is to find problems in the process of network marketing, in order to timely to ensure the smooth progress of the network marketing activity. If it is found that since the promotion, basically no big access number increase, so need to optimize the site again, readjust the promotion plan.

Let me give you an example:

Say, a leading manufacturer of toys (http://www.tradezz.com/), to achieve in one year 2000 registered users, the on-line toll at about 100 people a day on average, three years later can pin on the Internet, to profitable online 10 yuan a year. So how do we do the promotion plan?
Pushing goals:
(1) the site plan in post 1 years later to 100 unique visitors a day, 2000 registered users.
(2) the site planning construction stage of the promotion: in the process of website construction from the aspects of content, structure, page optimization, such as Google, baidu search engine optimization design is key to wait;
(3) the web site of the early basic promotion: login 15 major search engines and classified catalogue, buy 2-3 network real-name/general site, with partners to establish links to sites and visits to the stable site outside doing connection (this is very important at the beginning of the site. In addition, in offline marketing is also a necessary measures, such as the mainstream media and industry web site release company news, etc.
(4) the growth of the site promotion: when the site has a certain traffic, for the continued growth of site visits and brand promotion, web site on a certain amount of online advertising in related industries, some companies can do their own electronic magazines, coupled with an EMAIL to the target user on a regular basis to send, can also do some web site survey during this period, product site investigation, etc
(5) the stability of the site promotion: combined with the company's new product promotion, not regularly send online coupons; To participate in the activities of industry ranking comparison and so on, in order to obtain news value; Under the condition of the conditions are ripe, the construction of a neutral industry information related to enterprise core product websites for auxiliary.
(6) the promotion effect of assessment: to track the effect of the main website promotion measures, and traffic statistical analysis on a regular basis with necessary professional network marketing diagnosis network consultant agency cooperation, improve the method to promote or to cancel the effect not beautiful, the effect is obvious promotion strategies of increasing investment proportion.
Above is an incomplete business promotion case, some content need to constantly improve themselves according to the specific circumstances, my purpose is to hope that we learn how to do a website promotion plan, so you learned? Thanks for reading, and wish you success.

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09-16-2014, 06:49 AM
Social Media Optimization and Search Engine marketing is best way to promote a website.

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07-04-2015, 01:56 PM
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02-04-2017, 02:18 AM
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david smith
04-05-2017, 08:42 AM
While a website promotion plan is formulated, a pilot plan can be used to test the effectiveness of the plan. If all things fall well in place, then it is good, but if there is any scope of improvement, then it can be implemented.

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