View Full Version : Amazon will provide fresh products express delivery services in the United States

06-05-2013, 08:10 PM
Reported that amazon is planning for the U.S. market consumers in 40 fresh products express delivery services, to expect to reshape the annual output value of $568 billion food markets. Before this, Amazon has several Fresh joint company in Seattle to test the service called "Amazon Fresh".
Amazon Fresh hope that customers sitting at home can easily buy daily fresh vegetables and food (http://www.foodbub.com/), and this strategy is likely to pose a great threat to traditional retailers, including walmart. Worryingly, the price of the raw product is likely to cause stress to the amazon's profits, because the products sold by it is not directly produced by themselves, so we can not control the price well. However, amazon will think its net profit would come from high price products.
In addition, amazon also hope to be able to make good use of network to support the national greenhouse and trucks higher profits on the same day delivery service.fresh vegetables and food,click here:http://www.foodbub.com/