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06-03-2013, 07:44 PM
according to the recently published article,programming has become the core of 21st century skills. The article points out that let more people learn coding can not only meet the great demand for excellent programmers, at the same time it is also necessary for company managers, because in today's society, all people need to interact with computer, and that the computer skills for all workers has become a crucial skill.
There are many ways of learning programming:
The founder of Learntoprogram.tv, Mark Lassoff ,thinks that where to learn coding is not the key, the real key to the problem is that programmers can show employers potential.
"Some people feel that they need to return to school to learn programming and other computer skills, but really don't have to." He said. "As to the viewpoint that someone must have some sort of math or science first,and then may learn coding,I think it is a myth, but is not the case. All you need is to learn code, and carries on the practice. Then you can go to church or charity, volunteer work, to create your own works in this way."
  In general, new developers can't let employers feel enough satisfied liking experienced developers. But the present situation of developers shortage means that the amount of jobs requiring programming skills has far beyond the talent with this technique. As a result, even the novice developers will also be approved by company.
  A real example: at the time of hiring last year, a graduate of the college students, who majored in applied mathematics in the university, come to apply for our company.
At first he didn't know anything about programming, but was not rejected for this reason. After induction,his director tought him from the most simple knowledge of programming,Two months later, he was slowly familiar with HTML code, CSS, javascript, and at the same time contacted with SEO.Later, the company developed a new English B2B website(www.eckind.com), the director let him engage in website promotion. Based on the mastery of basic knowledge of website code, he soon set out a detailed marketing plan,including keywords’ - China manufacturers, China exporter, China importer, China trade, International trade, Global trade (http://www.eckind.com/), trade Leads, Product Directory - analysis, and each keyword optimization scheme in detail, for example the BBS, blog, Directory submission, etc. About three months’ promotion, good results have been achieved.
So, real talents was cultivated. For learning programming, as long as he learns in practice , he also will make outstanding progress soon.