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05-24-2013, 05:12 AM
I have chosen support outsourcing received from SupportMonk (http://www.supportmonk.com/), comfortable with their product . Firstly Let me give thanks to both sales and tech employee. I applied numerous support organizations and SupportMonk is the single that absolutely satisfied my wishes. Within the first couple of hours of working with their services I been both happy and secure together with them. These people are extremely pleasant, respectful and a professional in server management. They guided me and my clients to obtain every required server managing. Ticket reply is about 10-15 mins and they are able to operate truly huge number of queries in a top level of competence. There's been occasions when I've been tearing my hair away and them have come to save me. Charges is inexpensive and worth it . Never got delayed feedback and looks they are indeed 24/7 available . Up till now SupportMonk pleased me with their superior service and I enjoy the technique of they operating: they not just repair stuff but even could enlighten me the problems. I highly recommend these guys to newbies who have no knowledge and specialists who not have enough time for server handling.