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02-19-2013, 03:13 AM
ServerPoint.com, a leading web hosting provider offering high quality web hosting (http://www.serverpoint.com/) services since 1998, announced that it has launched a new branding campaign, that includes a completely redesigned website and a new company logo. ServerPoint.com has modernized its branding not only to give a new look and feel but also to provide the best platform for presenting the company’s products and services and helping customers quickly access accurate information.

“ServerPoint.com has grown significantly over the years as we’ve evolved to meet our customers’ needs and continued expanding our product and service portfolio,” says Erik Johnson, CTO at ServerPoint.com. “The new branding and website redesign accurately conveys who we are as a company and why we’re different. It reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering the outstanding service to both new and existing customers.”

While ServerPoint.com’s website design has changed, it retains many of the basic elements of the original branding and color scheme. It communicates the company’s messaging in a clear, bright and easily digestible format. The new website showcases the innovation, expertise and professionalism that makes ServerPoint.com the web host of choice for individuals, SMBs and large corporate business markets.

ServerPoint.com recognizes the importance of having a strong online presence and has invested heavily in the new logo and fresh look and feel of the website in support of its progressive product portfolio. The website is easy to navigate and clearly communicates a broad array of web hosting products and services which include dedicated hosting (http://www.serverpoint.com/en/dedicated-server/), Linux and Windows hosting and cloud VPS hosting (http://www.serverpoint.com/en/vps-hosting/). Current and potential customers are encouraged to visit the redesigned site at www.serverpoint.com (http://www.serverpoint.com) to learn more about the company and the hosting services it provides.

About ServerPoint.com.

Established in 1998, ServerPoint.com is a respected web hosting company that offers the highest quality Linux and Windows web hosting (http://www.serverpoint.com/en/vps-hosting/windows-vps.phtml) services, dedicated server hosting and cloud VPS hosting services to thousands of customers worldwide. ServerPoint.com’s core values are aimed at providing customer-focused, high-performance web hosting services tailored to meet specific needs of each individual customer. With a wholly owned and fully redundant network, top quality server hardware and professional support, ServerPoint.com provides customers with improved service levels and a powerful and secure web hosting environment.

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