View Full Version : Stream your Ads on GalacNet ( Get results at economical pricing! )

04-27-2004, 07:55 PM
Start sending your text Ads throught GalacNet's Cluster Sites.

You will see your Text Ads over thses locations.

GalacNet : Main Site
GalacMail : Main Site and User WebMail Boxes
GalacForums : Main site and all User forums!!
And other sites in the GalacNet Cluster

Economically priced at

$5 per account sign up ( re-credit within 1 day after payment )
$0.50 per 1000 impressions ( CPM )
$0.25 per successful Click ( CPC )

Features :
1) No bidding required, for more impressions simply add more campaigns.
2) Option for either CPM or CPC depending which one you think is best suited for your company.
3) Instant sign up by PayPal

Sign Up Today (http://www.galacnetworks.com) or read the F.A.Q (http://www.galacnetworks.com) for more details.

Hong Gao Qiang
email : gqhong@galacnet.com