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04-25-2004, 06:01 AM

I am currently looking for an Advertise for my sites.
here are some of the info for them

---- Info ----
Monthly Web Traffic = Well over 400,000 - 500,000
Users are both returning or new comers
the Websites provides :
1) Free Webhosting www.galacnet.com (http://www.galacnet.com)
2) Free WebMail www.galacmail.com (http://www.galacmail.com)
3) Free Forums www.galacforums.com (http://www.galacforums.com)
and a few others.
See www.galacnetworks.com (http://www.galacnetworks.com) for more details.

Market is usually from the North American region with others from UK and Singapore

Advertiser will occupy the Top of all my sites and members sites
With the allowance to run one other Ad Network banner and there will be no pop-ups placed.
---- ----

Interested parties please leave me a contact :)
Price is Neg :D Looking for a 6months or 1 year contract at least :)

Hong Gao Qiang
MSN : fireorb@msn.com
email : gqhong@galacnet.com