View Full Version : Does it pay to be honest? Or...

04-23-2004, 11:39 PM
...should I keep my mouth shut when dealing with potential business?

Basically I thought of going down the line:

domain.com - XHTML/CSS compliant - PRx - etc.
domain.com - XHTML/CSS compliant - PRx - etc.
domain.com - poor code but still PRx.
domain.com - moderate code but still PRx.

Should I just list the first 2, although the others will be listed off my site, and accessible? On my actual "work" page should I just mention the good stuff? I mean I look at it as "this page is poorly coded but still PR3-4"...as I can even get a poorly coded site PR'ed and indexed. :D But I also think that 'they' may think, well the site is just poorly coded (screw PR, being indexed, etc).

My 2 poor coded sites just haven't been taken care of yet, and they're annual event sites, which effects them in both ways (annual sites seem to do poor, except around the time the event happens).

But then I have some sites, where I have control, are properly coded, but then [insert script] is not XHTML compliant.