View Full Version : I used to have a new site, now it's old... :)

09-19-2011, 11:09 AM
Hi... I'm here to ask a Fair Use question but I'll toss in this Intro, too.

I was an early player on the web. And 15 years ago I had a sweet, cutting edge website. Now it's as old as a dog. It's http://outyourbackdoor.com, a resource for indie outdoor culture media and goodies.

So I had a guy build me a Web 2.0 version of my old site. I didn't want to start over from scratch as my old site has 1500+ articles on it that are hit on often. So now I have a sweet new site waiting in the wings -- but no time to launch it! I did it on a budget so I have to put the finishing touches on it -- like, make it look pretty via the CSS (what's that?), and load products into my super new cart, and load ads into my new server). Plenty of money just waiting for me to show up. But now I have no time. Ha! I'm busy filling rather low-margin orders from my old site, which I still have up in the meantime. Perhaps it's a fairly common snag that grabs and wrecks many otherwise cheerful webizens. (I also need to update my print catalog that I include my order boxes. Silly that my current one only lists about half of what I'm selling. But, again, no time.)