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06-07-2011, 07:21 PM
Hello I am not sure if i am in the right fourm but I have currently added wordpress to my webserver.
I am looking for someone to design my wordpress based on the
picture below. You can change it up a bit. I have the background
picture if needed.
I would like my wordpress to have a fixed background as well as a drop down menu for the navigation. I would like it to look like a website and not a blogging site.
I do not want it to have the date of each posts. I do not want it to have any comments and each page but the blog section.
I am asking how much would any of you charge to make just a simple layout based off my picture below. I do not need anything fancy just some things I do not know how to do. My website is www.blakestribling.com to get an idea of what I am doing. If you make my template for free we can add a link to your website. What i am doing is making a site with tutorials for different sorts of things. I will be advertising my site to alot of people. If you are going to charge me let me know of the price thank you
this is the picture

above is linked to a picture that I would like it to kinda look like.