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Clark M
01-21-2011, 05:12 PM
Hello, I just wanted to post something here for anyone new to Internet Marketing, and wanting to get some insight.:)

How do you make money online?:brickwall WITH A LIST! :lol:

OK, So your going to need a few Items, 3 of which will cost you about 60.00 a month combined the rest will be free downloads.

Now before I start I just want to say, I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY OF THE COMPANIES I mention here. I just use them in the same fashion as below.

The first thing you will need is:

1. A Domain Name. You can get one at Godaddy.com 7.95 one time fee for 1

2. Hosting. Godaddy has hosting but I would use a different hosting company like
Hostgator or shop around, you want one with good customer service, and
that has alot disk space for you.

3. A Autoresponder. use Aweber Or GetResponse. You will need a
Autoresponder for several reasons. These autoresponders are not the same
as you have in your personal email service like yahoo.
These autoresponders are used to send out mass emails to your list
(a list YOU created) You also need the code they will have for you to place
in your squeeze page so people will sign up. once they sign up your
autoresponder will capture the name and email of that person and save it
into as a list

4. Go to Kompozer.com and download this htlm editor. You will need
this to create your squeez page. Its FREE

5. Go to Filezilla.com and download this. You need this to upload pages you
created in Kompozer to your hosting company. Its FREE

6. Primopdf.com you need this to convert content saved in word to a pdf
(ebook) your free value giveaway.

7. AbiWord.com go there and downloaded it, If you do not want to use Microsoft Word, last I
checked Microsoft Word was over 100.00 You use this to create your free ebook giveaway
than drop it into Primopdf to convert it into a pdf.

8. Irfanview.com you need this to resize pics that you will insert into your
webpages via Kompozer.

OK so what do you do with all these items?:confused:

You are going to create a 3 page website.

1. The first page will be your squeeze page. This is a webpage that you use
for the sole purpose of getting a name and email address. you do this by
offering a free gift of value. after they sign your squeeze page. the name
and address goes to the autoresponder at the same time, they are
redirected to the thank you page (the second page you created)
with instructions to check there email and confirm that they signed up
by clicking on the link that takes them (third page you created) to
your PDF, This will be your free gift of value, the whole reason they
signed up in the first place.

2. You will also need a series of will written emails that your autoresponder will send out to your list. This is how you promote your product, and make
MONEY Now that you have everything in place you start marketing your sqeeze page
and thats when the fun starts.

The only true way to make money on line is through your own list that you have created by people signing up to your squeeze page.

once you have a list than you can start to promote products to your list
and they will buy.

BUILD YOUR LIST! The Money is in the list!Your list is interested in what you have, your list already knows you.

When you have a list you dont have to spend money trying to get traffic.

I know this is alot. I also left out alot.:confused:


Find someone with the SKILLS that is willing to TEACH YOU.

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02-21-2011, 07:39 AM
thanks about that..

05-16-2011, 04:53 AM
I do not thing that suggesting newbies to go for a Godaddy domain and hosting is a good idea. There are plenty of excellent web hosts and many other domain registrars which offer reasonable pricing and a various domain extensions.

05-26-2011, 11:19 AM
thanks for the tips man :)

05-28-2011, 11:16 PM
I do not think the new ones would not be that knowledgeable yet to go for godaddy as their first host service. There are a lot of free ones they could try out first. Though godaddy offers really good service, new users cannot maximize what they will be given yet if they have no idea on what to do with it.

Though, you gave a really good guide on how you could start out.

04-10-2012, 04:30 PM
Looks good but you never said what will be in the gift.