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01-09-2011, 06:54 PM
Hi. My name is Claudio, I am Italian and I am trying to learn about SEO, internet, and programming in general, as a self-taught web and internet fan. There are many reasons for me trying to do so and even trying to make a living in this industry; among those reason, one is that I had the chance to communicate and to learn from very clever people, sometime, via the net; now, judging from the SEO guide I downloaded from this website, this is definitely an environment that host brightness.

Another reason that is worth to mention is that, from the moment I renounced to Satan (Micro5oft Windowz) I realized that computer science was not such a hostile and inhuman environment as I felt at the time I was using the awful so called "technology" offered by that demoniac company; I realized that it could have been interesting and fascinating. Next step I figure would be learning how to survive working in this field.

I have published a number of useful pages over one of my websites but they are not profitable. Then I have published a number of sites with adult contents, porn stories and weird stories (only in Italian, so far); and those sites generate a little revenue, certainly higher than the other, which costed me a lot of efforts, time on research and work; so I think I'll keep working on the second category, the one on which I can work on for fun and that generate at least the hope of some incomes, until I could find a way of making a living working on more interesting projects.
Thanks for the pdf guide.

01-17-2011, 11:09 AM
Hello, welcome to website publisher.