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10-30-2010, 05:05 PM
Hello everyone I'm new to this forum, and am here to kinda relearn what I knew in the past, cause I was hit and ran over in 2008 but God had grace on me and kept me alive but at cost. I had a TBI which makes me forget things easy from my past.

11-01-2010, 11:57 AM
wow, sounds like you been tho a lot. Glade to hear your alive tho thats always a good thing. Well welcome to the site.

11-02-2010, 05:29 AM
Good Morning new friends,
My handle is sdflowerchick . I live in San Diego CA, and I'm a woman who loves to admire flowers. No, I'm not in the flower business.*

I'm here as a result of continued frustration with my website creation and management needs and Go Daddy's "website tonight" product.*

I've been around computers since mid 1980s, started with MS DOS, have been a self-taught user all my life. I've used MS Frontpage 2000 and 2002 to create an extensive real estate independent realtor site in my real estate years but that's all behind me now. I learned a lot from Front Page despite its often quirky and frustrating style. Is there a newer version of Front Page available, or what is the MS replacement or did MS give it up entirely?*

I'm in a new business and believed or had hoped that the Go Daddy Website Tonight program would have been sufficient for my immediate website needs, but it appears not to be, bummer! Plus GD is not perfect and recently my site has been acting up and I attribute this to GD. Odd things have occurred eith my html files that in my opinion should never have happened, which causes me loss of work plus a lot of unnecessay frustration in trying to (having to!) recreate several pages that cannot be restored individually from their last online backup,*

So i am interested in learning about alternative website creation software, particularly one I have more control over, can back up my files onto the hard drive and a CD for safekeeping. *I know I have much to learn from the ladt few years of newer technology since having been away from building and maintaining small personal sites, but i am a quick learner and am grateful for any help I can get.*

I'd like to find a new website creation and publishing program that uses current website development tools, ie., flash, animation, polls, blogs, SEO, javascript, that I can easily use given my limited knowledge of web creation.*

I'm looking for recommendations to some new PC-based programs compatible with Windows7 plus i intend to use the forum to interact with other users who I can likewise help given my background in marketing, dales, website design.

Many thanks to the site admin for making this forum available for free, and thanks in advance to those who are supportive of amother's efforts, and I look forward to sharing and meeting fellow webmasters!
Have a great day!*