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03-28-2004, 09:39 AM
Looking for a sales associate who will have the following responsibilities.

1. Generating Publisher Leads
2. Generating Advertiser Leads



1. Sales person would be responsible for drumming up publishers to run our network of context, text, ppc, xml and html ads. This person would coordinate with webmasters/publishers to get them signed up and would earn 10% recurring commission as long as the publisher remains with us.

2. Sales person would be responsible for geenrating advertisers to signup and advertise on our network of sites. Sales person would receive % of sale as well as deposit bonuses.

We are looking for people who can do both, work from home and have experience with the advertising, publisher/webmaster markets.

For example if you signup 1 site getting 1 million pages views/month and they generate .02% CTR and you earn 10% that can generate a recurring income of atleast 1500/month. Signup 4-5 of those sites and you get the point.

We are looking for people NOW. We will provide you with email, business cards and lead development. Marketing budgets are expensible UPON APPROVAL. Sales people of all types are accepted if your a quick learner.

Please email your resume and experience or questions you may have to byron@gethitsfrom.us

This is an excellent opportunity for those who want potential large recurring revenues without having to quit your day job!