View Full Version : Paid Advertising - Google isn't the only game in town!

03-26-2004, 10:09 PM

Gethitsfrom.us is proud to announce our Pay-Per-Click Context ad marketing program. Our new program allows you to run text ads (with many to choose from) on your site and generate revenue from every click.

With our program the publisher has control over keyword targeting and zones as well as ad layout, colors and implementation.

* No contracts
* No strict policies - We don't bind you to use our ads only

Even if you already use adsense, we can backfill your inventory so you don't get PSA's or waisted space.

Great for forums or dynamic pages where you want to have creative control over keywords and advertising targeting.

Join today and get a $5.00 signup bonus.

[url]http://www.gethitsfrom.us/webmaster_revenue.html (http://www.gethitsfrom.us)