View Full Version : New PPC network launched !!

08-28-2010, 06:31 AM
Advertising has recently picked up a lot in the online space, Since the 2008 a lot of new small/medium ad networks have come into existence.
Today in 2010 we find revenue model specialised ad networks available, which offers a whole bunch of features and how long they survive ....ther is no end to this ?

But 1 thing i would love to share with every1 reading this post, thers still lot of advertising space available for more networks to come up and get absorbed,still lot of untapped money,unreached audience yet to be explored !!
Corporates are spending money on ads like never before......, to target audience , to sell brands, to reach to the whole world...ther is no end to it.
Online media and web is the best place for it.
Any ad network just has to offer some good features support and services to maintain it....and
then results are for everybody to see for themselves !!
All you need is a dedicated team of people workin round the clock and a garage to start a firm /company/ network,
and anything can sell on world wide web, you just have to be smart.

one of the latest emerging Ad network is "RetrackMedia" - i am still trying them but let me tell ....they have set up recently,
and day-by-day i can see them growing on the web.
Everyday these guys are coming up with something!!
I really like new Startups, the company is new , the energy , the HUNGER to succeed is more , the best phase for a company is the initial phase ,either you "GROW" or you dont.
BUt if you Grow...the journey is a must watch,
and in my view .....i am really looking forward to this RetrackMedia-ad network, want to see how they do in coming days!!