View Full Version : Please Review My Website: Discover Islam

05-16-2010, 12:55 PM
I have started a website:


I invite you to visit the site. I want to know your impression.

07-13-2010, 04:15 PM
There are many things that I see done wrongly in my opinion. But you must remember what is wrong in my opinion may be right in someone else's.

1. No domain -- buy a TLD please. It is hard to remember discoverislam.cz.cc
2. No stylesheet -- my browser's default stylesheet is ugly: white backgrounds and times new roman, not to mention the hideous link colors
3. Make articles's links larger

Just some of what I thought was done wrong. What is there is well-written, although your site is surely in quite a small niche.

Frederico Rogeiro
08-08-2010, 01:20 AM
I agree totally with Yavahost.
Your site needs a plan, you need to contact someone to help you to get it structured.