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03-26-2010, 11:40 AM
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Mr. Pink
03-31-2010, 06:49 AM
For the record, GoDaddy hosting is probably the worst hosting service I've ever used.

Their navigation is super annoying (for hosting as well as other things in general).

For example, with any other hosting company you can simply bookmark the page of your control panel. Next time you want to log on to your CP you simply click on your bookmark and you're there (then enter password).

With GoDaddy there's no way to do that. You have to first log onto your GoDaddy account, then navigate to "hosting accounts," then select the actual account (even if you only have one there), then click something else... I don't remember.

Basically, like anything else on GoDaddy they take a simple thing that can be done with one click and turn it into a 4 to 5 click procedure.

To make things even better, they are more expensive than average hosts, and I don't like the way their FTP server is set up.

I only have one account there and I can hardly wait for the hosting to expire so I can take it elsewhere.

Conclusion: no amount of discount codes would ever make me sign up for hosting there. Their hosting would literally have to be free, for me to consider.

Oh, it gets better....

Not long ago GoDaddy introduced this more secure procedure to secure customer accounts. So, with the new procedure your password just expires. So, next time you have to log in, you are told that your password expired and you have to make up a new one. This is really annoying when I'm in a hurry and really have no time for such bull$#!t. But when that happens you have no choice, you simply have to go through with it.

Now, my secure passwords are usually at least 10 characters long, not associated with any dictionary words, consist of alpha/numeric uppercase/lowercase characters, and special characters as well. I don't think the NSA has much chance at cracking my secure passwords. But, nevertheless, now I have to reset the damn things ever month or so. So, with this new, "secure," procedure, now I have more chance to want to actually write down my damn passwords, so I can remember the damn things, and I'm more likely to use something simpler. Also, the new "secure" system no longer lets me use special characters, which mathematically increases the chances of passwords being cracked.

GoDaddy's really annoying.