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12-24-2009, 05:19 PM

My name is Artur and I'm from Poland, European Union.
I would like to stay in touch with someone who lives in USA (doesn't matter where exacly as long as it's on USA territory).
It's important to me that this person is over 21 or 18 (I don't know which one is treated as "adult" in which state) and has an eye on american network activity.
What I think about is:
- watch american network for all news about websites, projects and startups like facebook, classmates, twitter and so on
- once something grows fast enough and might turn out to be a good business opportunity - then quickly grab and idea and recreate it in Poland and maybe other european countries

This idea came out few days ago. Since all (100%) of polish and european big websites are mirrors of yours, so why not to give it a try? But I need someone who lives in USA, knows at least something about network and will to spot new, intresting ideas.

I am absolutley sure that many persons will replay to my e-mail, which is pikowytrefl@ gmail.com (delete space next to @ mark) and I can keep in touch with only one of You.

So if you guys find it a good possibility for both of us to make some money, feel free to write.


ps. im not a bot or some web scammer. I will never ask You for Your money :)