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11-22-2009, 02:56 PM
Hi – (first post) I am unsure if this is the correct forum for this question.

We make audio language CDs for infants (birth to age 2). The portal site is at http://www.akilo.com.

We are designing a "Hug Monster" – it will tell stories in 25 languages – there is a 25 position switch on the back of the head which allows a child (age 14 mo to 4.5 yr) to change languages in the middle of a story.

A typical story, Fish Cat and Bear Bear, (in paragraph form and in line format form) is at: http://www.babysafari.us/main-1_000036.htm.

There are 12 stories completed and 4 (to a batch) will go on a memory stick for insertion into a Hug Monster. Each story, in a given language, can be told by any of four native speakers -- a man, a woman, a girl or a boy (using another switch).

Question – Suppose that a page on the website with a given story is to be designed to give a child the same options as will be available for a Hug Monster. What is the simplest (code/method) to allow a young child to easily switch languages and/or speakers?

Many thanks.

Sea22, Frank


Let me restate the problem -- what is needed is a 5x5 array of buttons that allows a user to select a button to play one of 25 audio files -- and thus to be able to switch back and forth easily and quickly between audio files with the buttons. One problem which I have encountered is that having multiple sound files on a single page seems to confuse some browsers.

Ah, ha -- found an answer -- it seems that Audio Maker Pro will do the job. Also there are some Flash audio buttons (software) that are rumored to be able to do this. More work ahead. Thanks.