View Full Version : An ecommerce scam

11-18-2009, 06:48 PM
I've been getting these emails with some frequency.

Hello Sales,

Am Daniel wool am interested in purchasing some of your products, I will like to know if you can ship to NewZealand, I also want you to know my mode of payment for this order is via Credit Card.

Get back to me if you can ship to that destination and also if you accept the payment type I indicated. Kindly return this email with your Website Or Attached the wholesale price sheets. I await your quick response.


Company Name: Danwool Store Ltd
Address: Unit 433,beedcroft St, Waltham,
Phone: +64 4 553 2019.
Fax: +64 4 101 4336

Kind Regards.
Daniel wool.

The name/country usually differs, this is my first one for New Zealand, usually it is like Malaysia or something. But the contents of the email are pretty much the same, this line appears in all of them "I also want you to know my mode of payment for this order is via Credit Card."

This is a scam, you can be sure of any email that asks via response for you to include mention of which website you are emailing from that it is a scam. Any legitimate email (even for something like a link exchange) where they ask you to tell them what your website is after they've supposedly already visited it, is a scam.

Anyways, in these cases, you're dealing with people who want to use stolen credit cards to get free merchandise, just ignore the emails.