View Full Version : Website ISSUES... Need opinions and help

11-12-2009, 08:57 AM
So I have recently taken over the work of another designer for my new company and I am having to clean up a lot of minor errors and some big issues that I haven't faced before and I am having a hard time getting them to work out.

We are a corrugated and aluminum sign printing company and we have a program and back end software from www.realtimedesigner.com. This is the same or similar software as what some online designing T-shirt companies use as well. Our site is www.outthedoorprinting.com and the issues at hand are small I know but I have been searching over and over and either I am just blurred out from searching through the code over and over or I am just missing the parts that I need to find.

In the wire stands section if you click on the 10"x30" HD stands it takes you to the 10"x30" stands and pricing. Now it looks as if he just took the HD picture and posted it over the 10"x30" picture and left things the same. Then when you head to the "Checkout page" it is the 10"x30" pricing and not the HD (again I don't know if this is set up)

With the above issue if someone has worked in the back end of a online designing programs before I would appreciate your help with learning this software.

Another issue I have is on the "Banners" and "Magnetics" pages. When you go to either one it has the "Template Categories" and then "100_Banners" and "100_Magnets" up there as well. I have saved the page offline and edited the file and would upload it, however, I know that the templates are auto loading from the catalog(as we create new ones, they automatically update on the site and push the others down) so I don't want to re-upload the file if it is going to mess with the auto loading.

PLEASE PLEASE HELP if anyone is able to help me. My email is barton.graphics@gmail.com and would appreciate the help.