View Full Version : Large vertical gap between divs

11-08-2009, 11:00 AM
Edit: Fixed the large gap. Just left with a 1px gap in IE. Sure I'll figure that out too.

I've got 5 divs -- a top div, 3 side-by-side divs, and a bottom div. For some reason I'm getting a very large gap (like 170 pixels or so) between the bottom div and the 3 divs above it. Both IE and FF.

Any ideas?

#sch_hdr {
background: url('sch_hdr.gif');
width: 497px;
height: 141px;
#sch_left {
background: url('sch_left.gif');
width: 39px;
height: 224px;
float: left;
#schedule {
width: 450px;
float: left;
#sch_right {
background: url('sch_right.gif');
width: 8px;
height: 224px;
float: left;
#sch_btm {
background: url('sch_btm.gif') no-repeat;
width: 497px;
height: 17px;
clear: both;

<div id="sch_hdr"></div>
<div id="sch_left"></div>
<div id="schedule">
// contains table inside, removing it makes no difference
<div id="sch_right"></div>
<div id="sch_btm"></div>