View Full Version : Some advice needed!

08-17-2009, 01:43 AM

I'm working on this website called www.localgems.co.uk - it's basically a shop window, but online! Or you could refer it to the free-ads, as you can post up your ads for free, but if you want bigger, more noticeable ads, then you pay! Basically i need help with a couple of things. How would I get more hits to my website? People have told me but I don't understand, the only way I know is search engines?

Also the sponsors, they have their logos and stuff on the website, but how do i check how many times they have been clicked? So basically hits again but for my sponsors, how do I check?

Thirdly, how would I change the registration form? Do I need the full admin rights in order to do this? The form asks for stupid stuff that's not needed for me, such as address. Would it be easier to do it via the full admin database or find a better database more suitable for this type of website?

Thanks in advance