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Mr. Pink
08-16-2009, 05:14 AM
I just read Chris' last blog post, Introducing: Two Step External Links, a Nofollow Replacement and had some thoughts.

I just designed a new web site, as it turns out. For reasons I don't need to get into, I want to have a "links" page on that site, with a bunch of external links, of course. I first designed that page with nowollow tags, but then I read Chris' latest blog. So, that gave me an idea I wish to share with you.

Most importantly, I would like to hear some of your thoughts on this idea.

First of all, this is a manually-built, static HTML site. So, the ides is as follows:

The "links" page is actually inside of a frameset. The frameset is invisible to the human visitors, unless someone with knowledge of HTML opens up the source code.

The only page that is linked internally, form any of the menus and navigation links, is the actual frameset. Inside of that frameset there is a NOFRAMES tag, which is (as far as I know) the only part of a frameset that is indexed by Google. So, I put some text there, as well as links to some of my other site.

The frameset, of course, opens up a frame, which is the only page that people see. This page has a lot of links on it, but all the links not going to my sites have nofollow tags on it. After reading Chris's blog post I am not sure how good these nofollow tags are, but in any case, the frame page is not linked from any internal (or external) pages, so (as far as I know) google should not even know this page exists. Or am I wrong?

If you want to see my "links" page you can go to http://sharpsandflats.com/links_01.html and look at the code. This URL is the frameset. The actual frame is: sharpsandflats.com (forward slash and...) links_fr_01.html (don't want to put a link of that page, right...).

I'd be curious to know what you guys think about this idea.


PS - Oh, and do you guys think that the frame links_fr_01.html should have a robots META tag with NOFOLLOW?

08-17-2009, 06:06 AM
I don't think that'll work how you like, and if it did work it'd be blackhat and ould get you in trouble. kinda like a poor man's cloaking

Mr. Pink
08-18-2009, 07:47 AM
Thanks for your 2 cents.

I am going to get rid of that frame and just implement an out.php script with a robots.txt that blocks the script directory.