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Mr. Pink
08-15-2009, 10:37 PM
Hello everyone,

I have been away form this forum for quite some time (been busy) but I finally finished the first draft of my new web site, so I thought it'd be a good idea to post it here and see if anyone has any opinions.

The new site is SHARPS & FLATS (http://sharpsandflats.com). This is the title of a 19th century book about gambling, or better say, the first detailed exposure of the secrets of the cardsharps. The book became an instant classic on the day of its publication, in 1894, and remains a must read for anyone doing research on gambling history, especially the dark side of gambling.

The book is now in public domain, so I came up with the idea to publish the first online edition, with annotations and extras. I am big fan of this work, so I am basically doing this in honor of the author, John Nevil Maskelyne.

So much about the mission statement behind the site. Now, I am interested in what people here may think about the functionality of the design and layout of the site. Also, I've tried to place Google Ads in such way that makes it easier for visitors to want to click on them.

Any thoughts, criticisms, ideas...?