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07-13-2009, 06:20 AM
Hello I am new to Ad sense and i have a small question. So far I recieved 200 views and 5 add clicks on my website but my ad sense balance is still 0.00$. Is something wrong?

07-17-2009, 12:39 PM
Do not hurry that much since sometimes Google evaluates the links clicks and might discredit some of them. Forget about the impressions in most cases as only clicks talk in the AdSense world.

09-12-2009, 12:15 PM
Focus on increasing your views, look at the money later. If you just focus on keywords and other SEO, you'll notice the money increase over time. As for the 5 clicks and no earnings, it happens, Google is odd like that. Some times 2 clicks will get you a few dollars, sometimes 10 clicks will get you a few cents, it all depends on the day.

09-18-2009, 07:59 AM
Hi,:yawnb::yawnb::yawnb::yawnb: Google AdSense is a one of main source revenue of website. Here I highlight 6 skills to increase your google adsense revenue,
and to prevent adsense account has been suspended.

1# google adsense tracker software

I personally think that this is the most important, the installation of an adsense click tracking software,

which used to track IP addresses from which users click to what advertisements for the future analysis of the data
provided very good results. Meanwhile, the vicious hits IP can be pursued, and to promptly report to Google.
There are a lot of adsense tracker software.I suggest that you use the whole function of the software should be able to
analyze at least the following information: IP users, click advertising sites, advertisements address, clicking on time,
in order to provide the basis for the analysis.

2# google adsense location, number and color-matching

Adsense page can be placed several advertisements to increase advertising exposure. Do not put too much of course,
the largest pieces should be placed advertisements as three blocks and one link advertising,
the advertising should be placed on the top page, or we will get a higher hit rate. Advertising pages and
the background color and text color to the overall color matched, this would increase user's browsing experience,
but also can enhance hits.

3# Malicious or invalid click

Through adsense tracker, we can trace some vicious hits, such as clicking on the advertisement for a particular IP,
this time, the data should be reported promptly to Google Adsense, to prevent account has been suspended.

4# Low price advertising ban

Sometimes we found a sudden increase in the number of hits, but the decrease in the revenue generated,
which shows the advertising is a lower price. Then according to tracking the data and find the biggest hits on a Web site
address and then select the Google Adsense "competitive advertising filter", the web site will be blacklisted,
on the website does not reveal the low value advertising. Of course, this approach may sometimes be wrong.

5# Ban misleading advertising

Sometimes certain visited the page and text advertising will definitely misleading, then often lead users clicking on
the advertising increase the probability that makes a very high hit rate, which is not a good thing,
because the high rate of hits on Google often give the wrong impression that it is invalid clicking,
and we had better control click rate was less than 1%. So find the greatest hits of advertisements,
its website by adding "competitive advertising filter", so clicking on the standard rate will be gradually restored to

6# To prevent accounts were suspended

This is a requirement that Google must comply with the rules, do not ask why, they should not be attempting to
challenge these rules, not for cheating actually, you can never be compared with Google's technical standards,
the only way to ensure account is not suspended.
Those rules : Do not click own adsense advertising, Google will not encourage others to click advertising.