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06-10-2009, 06:10 AM
Are You Looking for Reseller Web Hosting and Have an Extra Dollar to Spend?

For a limited time ResellerChoice (http://www.resellerchoice.com) is offering all windows hosting reseller accounts for only a dollar for the the first month of service. This promotion (http://www.resellerchoice.com/releases/dollar-hosting-promo.aspx) is aimed at helping new or transitioning resellers test drive our advanced windows hosting services and get started without large upfront costs.

Ever wonder if Windows hosting is right for you (http://www.resellerchoice.com/articles/Resell_Windows_IT_services.aspx)? Windows reseller accounts can open up your business to many new technologies that will allow you to generate new income. During our $1 promotion you can try out the entire array of Windows reseller hosting services completely risk free.

Since 2001 ResellerChoice has specialized in Windows based hosted solutions and provides unbranded white-label windows hosting services.

ResellerChoice clients can sell traditional web hosting accounts with PHP, Perl and ASP.NET in addition to advanced windows services like Exchange 2007 (http://www.resellerchoice.com/default_exchange2007.aspx), Microsoft SharePoint (http://www.resellerchoice.com/technologies/sharepoint.aspx) along with fully managed windows dedicated (http://www.resellerchoice.com/dedicatedservers/Dedicated_Hosting.aspx) and windows virtual servers (http://www.resellerchoice.com/VirtualServers-Hyper-V/Windows_Virtual_Server_Hosting.aspx).

"With this promotion we hope to allow current hosting providers or web developers running on Linux or cpanel based systems to test and experience the additional benefits that ResellerChoice provides" Says Tom Silver, of ResellerChoice "Adding windows hosting services opens up a new world of online services and creates additional revenue with little to no startup costs. "We understand what hosting resellers and small businesses need to succeed in today's fast changing hosting and SaaS marketplace"

ResellerChoice operates out of data centers located in Texas, New York, Seattle and Washington DC with corporate headquarters located in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

To take advantage of this limited time offer we have created discount codes for all of our plans, Please go to http://www.resellerchoice.com/releases/dollar-hosting-promo.aspx to collect your discount code and more details.