View Full Version : FOR SALE: MSN-Emotions.org; . . . Low work profit maker!

06-05-2009, 08:50 AM
Hi all!
http://www.msn-emotions.org is for sale!

2004 I started MSN-Emotions.org and its successfully seen me through 5 years of beautiful profit making. Its still going strong, but I am not!

Over the past year I've given myself 6 months (twice!) to get my act together and perform updates to the code and content. Both attempts were only part success, because my goals are not really in SEO and I've been concentrating on other areas of the internet & CGI to get my kicks.

After my first 6 month period of hoping to find extra time for MSN-Emotions.org I sent selling feelers out to see what the value might be and if it was good then to sell then. I felt strongly that with a bit of effort it would be worth much more than the offers at that time. After the second 6 month period I realised that I wasn't the person to put that effort in! So despite still strongly feeling the site is a gold mine of potential, I cant seem to get the time together to put in the work that will get it there.

I'm happy to listen to any offers out there, as I started it with the help of the Websitepublisher.net community I feel it right to pass the offer to the general population here first. I'm looking to sell for around 1 years profit, I'd rather not reveal what that is on here but please email me for more details if interested!

Sale price: approx. 1yr profit (min) open to all offers. Please email for more details!

If anyone would like me to go into extra detail on here about the target of the site, visitor counts and what not.. please just shout and i'll put it up for all! I'm just a little weary of financials in the public domain.