View Full Version : I'm new and need alot of advice/ help

05-09-2009, 06:39 PM
Hey i'm new and i'm very eager to make a poker website which will teach players how to play etc.

Is web.com a good way to get going? They charge 100 bucks then they build it for u and then get u on the net/ hosting for 6 months or so i think. Is this a good site? Any better ones out there ?

Can i just build it from the group up? Is it hard..?

If anybody can help me get a simple website going.. I"ve already signed up thru godaddy.com for the domain name.. lowercostpokerunion.com.

if u can help or new and want to link brains to get faster results then email me or yahoo messenger me at mike78wmdayton on yahoo ok.