View Full Version : Help with MBA Class Project (from hell?)

01-31-2009, 11:43 PM
So here is my problem:

My professor for my Managing Information Systems class has assigned us to put up a video on youtube and try to generate traffic for it. (Literally that is all of the instruction we were given!) Some of my classmates think this is the coolest thing ever - I on the other hand am totally intimidated and lost. My group has put up our video and Have clicked on it as many times as is possible for youtube to count from one computer, but now what?? We will be ranked in order of most views and graded accordingly! Please give me your suggestions!

Here is the video:


So far I have put it on my facebook profile and BEGGED old friends from a teaching forum I belong to to click on it. THis has gotten me a handful of views.

How do I make people click on it?



02-01-2009, 07:52 AM
The first thing I would have done would be to title my video after something in the news right now that lots of people search for.


You can go there to get a few top pics.

I would look at that list and see "Banned Peta Ad"

I would know that that could make a good video.

So I would watch that ad and make a joke. The ad is a bunch of hot women doing sexual things with veggies, covering themselves with only veggies, etc.

So I would have the men in the group star in the ad (I'm assuming they're just average dudes) and do the same things as the women, but it'd be ridiculously funny because they're just average dudes.

Then I'd put that on Youtube and try to promote it through social media.